cost of IVF

VF or In Vitro Fertilization is a medical process in which healthy eggs from female as well as healthy sperms from male are collected to get fertilized outside from female uterus. Once an egg is fertilized with the sperm, the zygote or fertilized egg is reinserted into the woman’s uterus to begin and foster a successful pregnancy. The IVF treatment is the ray of hope for childless couple who are facing difficulties in conceiving.

The whole IVF process includes female hormonal processes and harvesting the ova from the female and sperms from male. The cost for IVF in India is cheaper than western countries. The cost of IVF depends upon your actual problems & reports.

  • Your age: Age is the most important factor. If your age is under 35 then you have a 50 to 60 % chance of success with each cycle, so one or two cycles of IVF treatment should be sufficient. But if your age is more than 40, then percentage of success decreases and it will be difficult to getting pregnant in only one cycle.
  • The physical condition is also important. If your uterus is not normal or you are not able to produce healthy eggs, or the quality of sperms of your male partner is low, then you have to borrow eggs or sperms from other. And thus the IVF Cost increases.
  • If you are not able to have a child in your uterus, then surrogacy is the available option but test tube baby cost increases.
  • Cost of IVF also depends upon the place where you live. This affects the cost because the fees charged by clinics in large metropolitan areas tend to be higher than in less populated areas.